Songs By Marv - Testimony

These are my songs of personal Testimony...

I believe that every Christian has a message and a testimony about their faith in Christ - that they "must" share with others, and our lives should be a living testimony of God's Love!

These are some "selected" songs of my own testimony.... may they also be a blessing to you!     


                          1 - No One Ever Cares For Me, Like Jesus

                          2 - More Than You''ll Ever Know

                          3 - He Touched Me

                          4 - I Should Have Been Crucified

                          5 - Why Have You Chosen Me?

                          6 - He Looked Beyond My Fault

                          7 - One Day At A Time

                          8 - The Highest Praise

                          9 - I Should Have Been Crucified


       CLICK ON ANY SONG - ON THE MP3 PLAYERS BELOW.  Be sure to click on the arrow button - located on the left side of each player - to either play or stop a song. 

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1-No One Ever Cared.mp3

4-I Should Have Been Crucified.mp3


2-More Than You'll Ever Know.mp3

5-Why Have You Chosen Me.mp3


3-He Touched Me.mp3

6-He Looked Beyond My Fault.mp3