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     I have created this website mainly for family and friends, and I want to share the gift God has given me - with you!   I am singing these older classic gospel songs with a desire to share the "message" in each song!  I DO NOT sell any copies of my songs!  Each of these songs has a very special meaning and purpose in my life! 

    I dedicate the message of each of these songs to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Without Him, I would be nothing. He has been such a Joy to my Life - beyond words to describe what I feel in my heart.  

     He has given me a song in my heart, hope in my life,  a personal peace and contentment, and a tremendous joy -- beyond all understanding.

     I pray God will bless your life RICHLY as you listen to the message in each of these songs! Blessings on you and yours!




Here is something new!  I now have some of my songs 

on YouTube -- withVideos!   

I have been assisted by some cyber-friends - 

such as Dennis Ruff, organist and background singer,

and also a new cyber-friend,  Suen - Video Creator, 

who lives in South Africa.

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I also have some of the 

same videos on the

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The theme of my first songs on this 

 home webpage... are songs about  "Heaven". 

                                      1 - Heaven's Sounding Sweeter - All The Time

                        2 -  Home, Where I Belong

                        3 - I Shall Know Him

                        4 - How Beautiful Heaven Must Be 



         Be sure to click on the small arrow on the left side..         to either play or stop each song.    (Secret.... you can also COPY any of these songs to your PC). 

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3-I Shall Know Him.mp3